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Terms and conditions

IQpari is a modern betting and gambling organisation. It has specific community rules that all visitors to the company’s official website and mobile app must abide by. The most important of these are as follows:

Acceptance of the platform rules. Each user of the official website or the mobile application, which are managed by IQpari, agrees to the terms and conditions of the company. They also include the Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and all the rules that relate to the gambling and betting activities of our company. 

Familiarization in advance. Anyone wishing to visit the official website of our platform or mobile application should familiarize themselves with our terms and conditions in advance. Thus, after familiarization, you may not accept them. If this happens, then you should not visit an online bookmaker or casino.

Changes. We have the right to change our terms and conditions when we need it. Very different reasons can be the cause for making such a decision. The official website always contains an updated version of the terms and conditions of our gambling and betting platform.

Legality. Our official website is managed by iqpari.com managed by IQparisolutions N.V. It legally operates in India. This is confirmed by the fact that it has a license from the authorities of Curacao No.162464.

The words of the address to the user. Words such as “you”, “your”, “customer”, “user” or “player” are addressed to persons using the services of our platform on the official website or in the mobile application.

Games. The word “games” refers to such services of our company as Sportsbook, Casino, Live Сasino, cards and other entertainment. The IQparisolutions N.V. organization has every right to both add and remove any games on the platform.

The above mentioned points are only a small part of all the rules of the platform.


The company allows its services to be used only by players who are 18 years of age or older. Also, in order to conclude an agreement, which is mandatory, the player needs to be capable. We have the right to check clients for the age of majority. If the requirements are not met, users will be denied service.

User Account

Creating a personal account in our system is mandatory for those who want to use the full functionality of the platform. Players are fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account and password. And also for all activities that occur from a personal account.

User Conduct

Violation of the law and the rights of third parties is prohibited on our platform. For example, in no case should you spread viruses, use our company to harass or harm someone, or try to hack someone else’s account.

Intellectual Property

Copyright laws protect the unique content of the official website. For example, text, graphic images, and logos belong by right to our company or our licensors. In order to use the content from our website, you must obtain written permission from an authorized body.

Disclaimer Of Warranties

Our platform does not give any guarantees of any kind. Even guarantees such as merchantability, suitability for a particular purpose or non-infringement. Also, we do not guarantee that the use of our website or application is smooth or error-free. 

Limitation Of Liability

Our company is not responsible for direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages that have arisen as a result of activities on the official website. This rule applies even if we have been warned about the possibility of such damage.


If you violate the rules of our company or incur losses as a result of your activities, then you are obliged to compensate them.

Changes To Terms And Conditions

You must regularly familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the platform, as we can change them at any time.

Governing Law

The legislation of the jurisdiction in which our company is headquartered regulates our terms and conditions. This happens without taking into account the principles of conflict of laws.

Dispute Resolution

The arbitration court must settle disputes related to our rules and your use of our website.

Entire Agreement

The current community rules are an agreement between us and the client.


If any clause of the terms and conditions of our company has become invalid, this does not affect the status of other clauses.

No Waiver

Failure by us to comply with any clause of the current terms and conditions does not constitute a waiver of such right or provision unless we acknowledge and agree to it in writing.

Contact Information

All questions concerning the company’s rules can be found by e-mail. It is indicated on our website.

Account Termination

For violation of our terms and conditions, we have the right to delete the account of the person who did it. Deletion can happen even without warning.

Gambling Regulations

There are laws on gambling, and we follow them. Our clients must also comply with gambling legislation.

Responsibility For Losses

If users incur losses, then the responsibility for damages lies not on us, but on themselves.

Deposits And Withdrawals

There are a lot of payment methods on the platform. Players are responsible for all transactions that are made from their personal accounts.

Bonus And Promotional Offers

We have a generous promotional and bonus program for our customers. Every gift and promotion has its own terms and conditions of use and receipt. Before using any bonus, read them carefully.

Customer Support

We help our clients by email and live chat. Our support team is friendly and ready to help at any time.