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Responsible gambling

The sphere of online gambling has many advantages, for example, such as the ability to play from home and the chance to earn good money. But we should not forget about the negative sides, one of them is gambling addiction, which is very difficult to get rid of. Therefore, users from India need to familiarize themselves with the information offered below. IQpari company cares about every user and will do everything possible to prevent you from developing a gambling addiction.

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Interpretation and definitions

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Responsible Gambling 

There are many diseases in modern medicine and one of the serious diseases is gambling addiction. You may think that you will never encounter it, but it is still necessary to be extremely careful and play wisely to prevent the development of gaming addiction.

As soon as our company opened its doors to users from all over the world, our employees do their best to prevent any player from developing an addiction. There is such a concept as “Responsible gambling” and it means several stages of measures with which the provider tries to reduce the likelihood of the preconditions for the development of addiction. If they begin to appear, please contact our staff immediately for help.

The best way to prevent addiction is to have knowledge in the field of gambling and to realize the possible risks of gambling. It is also very important to follow the advice that helps to prevent the development of addiction.

Information and contacts

If a user shows signs of developing a gambling addiction, our staff will help you at any time of the day or night at the following e-mail address – [email protected]. The data and other information about you transmitted in the course of communication will be securely protected.

In addition to e-mail, there are several other ways to get help:

  • Taking a self-test if you suspect you are developing a gambling addiction. You will be asked to answer a series of questions and as a result, you will be able to understand if you have an addiction;
  • Getting more information about gambling addiction on third-party websites.

Useful tips for responsible gambling

There are several tips for responsible gambling, if you follow them you will never develop a gambling addiction, read some of them:

  • Betting limits. Set yourself a limit in the form of a certain amount that you will not be sorry to spend on gambling. As soon as the limit is reached stop playing;
  • Wagering the lost amount at any cost is very bad. Many users try to recklessly win back the amount lost which leads to even greater losses and consequently the development of addiction. So do not try to do this, play for fun;
  • Time limit. Set yourself a certain time limit for gambling. For example, it can be an hour a day or even less. Distract yourself more often with other activities, such as sports, outings with friends;
  • Mindful play. You should play wisely and it is better to skip the game when you are excited or when you are sad. It is also worth excluding the game under the state of alcohol and drug intoxication;
  • Breaks between games. When playing a game you can get tired and as soon as you feel that you can no longer concentrate as before stop playing and rest;
  • One game account. To better control your spending and time playing it is highly recommended to create only one account per player.

These are just a few of the tips to prevent addiction. More tips can be found on your own by reading about gambling addiction and how to deal with it.

Protection of minors

Minors are the most susceptible to gambling addiction and that’s why our staff is careful to make sure that our service is only used by people who are 18 years of age or older. There may be minors with you, so it is strongly recommended to keep your account data away from them.

To avoid the possibility of access to gambling by minors it is recommended to use a filter program blocking access to our service and other similar platforms. It is also important to give lectures to minors about gambling addiction and how difficult it is to get rid of it. This can be done both by parents and local authorities.


If you are afraid that you are starting to develop an addiction or already have one, you can use self-exclusion – voluntary refusal from gambling for a certain period. To use self-exclusion, please contact our support center with a request for self-exclusion and specify the period from 6 months to 5 years. Therefore, you will not have access to our service for the period you specify. It is not possible to cancel the self-exclusion early, it is done for your safety. 

During the period of self-exclusion, the user is not allowed to create a new account as this is a violation of our terms of service. In addition, your original account will be subject to a permanent ban.